What are your charges for Bridal Henna

The price depends on the package you choose. There are three fixed price packages to choose from depending on length and the price starts at £250 

Travel cost would be extra which is based on your location

How do I make a booking

Simply use one of the contact forms or send a message on instagram for a no obligation quote and discussion

Once you have chosen a design and are happy with the prices, I will send a booking form with terms and fees. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking 

Do I have to pay a deposit to book you

Yes, the deposit to book and block a date is 25% of the booking cost. This deposit is non-refundable and only one date can be blocked per booking

What regions do you cover

I cover North West, Cheshire, West Midlands, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and some parts of East Midlands. 

I'm also open to travel other regions in the UK depending on availability though overnight accomodation cost may apply for regions far from Manchester

Do you apply Henna for Guests

Bridal Mehndi takes 4-10 hours for application so Party and Guest Henna has to be applied by one of my assistants subject to availability. 

I'm happy to apply Henna for bride's Mother and immediate family members if time permits 



Is Henna Safe

Natural Henna is safe for skin and has been used in various skin and hair products for centuries. 

At Creative Mehendi Designs, we only use natural Henna powder and 100% pure essential oils to create  our Henna paste. 

A sample cone will be sent for patch test to every client who book with us. 

When should I apply Henna for the best stain

It is recommended to apply Henna 3 days prior to your wedding in order to get the best stain on the wedding day. Henna stain would be bright orange immediately after removal and the stain develops over the next 48 hours. You should have a darker and deeper stain on the third day of application as long as you follow our aftercare instructions 

Please refer our Bridal Henna tips page for more details 

How long does the stain last

This depends on the skin type and the usage of water. You have to avoid water on the applied area as much as possible. Typically the stain lasts for 7 days for most people though it may last longer on some skin types. The stain will gradually fade and disappear

What preparation is required for Henna application

Keep the area of application clean. Wash using soap and water and pat dry. Do not apply any moisturiser or creams 

After Henna is applied, leave it on for atleast 8 hours and gently scrape away without using water

Apply coconut oil after removal and avoid water as much as possible

Detailed Henna aftercare and pre-application tips are provided when you book me. You will also find a lot of helpful information on my Henna blog

Is Henna suitable for all age groups

Henna is generally safe for all skin types and ages though the  bridal blend may not be suitable for kids and pregnant women due to the presence of essential oils like Tea Tree or Cajeput  

Henna paste made using Lavender essential oil is generally considered safe for all skin types and ages.